We have received quite a few questions from visitors about the Caring Fairies who live on the trail.  This "Frequently Asked Questions” page lists those questions and answers.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email the fairies at QUESTIONS and we will do our best to ask the fairies and post their answers below.

What do the caring fairies who live on the Oso Creek Trail look like?

Fairies are like humans in that they all look different and each of them has our own unique qualities. Just like their human friends, they have different color eyes and hair. Some fairies are quite tall whereas there are lots of shorter fairies too! Some fairies are excellent artists and may even give you a self-portrait to show you what they look like if you write to them.

Where do fairies who live on the Oso Creek Trail come from?

All fairies come from fairyland, in Ireland.  Most fairies live there but some fairies are lucky enough to travel to the United States.  To get to here from fairyland, they use fairy dust and magic, and they are able to travel very large distances in the blink of an eye.  Once they arrive here, some of them like it so much, they decide to stay here and become apart of our community.  

Are fairies on the trail invisible?

No fairies aren’t invisible but they are very tiny and they move so quickly that we just can’t see them. Also they usually only come out when we are fast asleep in bed! It can be lots of fun to imagine what fairies look like though. Perhaps you could draw a picture of what you think the fairies look like and send it to us at thecaringfairies@gmail.com so we can share it with others?

How did Lily, Queen of the Fairies, lose her wing and how did it heal?

It was a very hot day when Lily was flying over Orange County, and one of her wings began to melt, and suddenly broke. She had to make an emergency landing!   Fortunately all fairy wings magically heal with a sprinkle of Fairy dust and a bit of time.  Lily was very lucky to be flying with other fairies who stayed with her along the trail until her wing healed.  She used a little sparkle from the wings of other fairies and it made her feel strong again, and within a few weeks she could fly again. Helping each other in a time of need is what fairies do.  That is why Lily always says, Leave a little SPARKLE wherever you go—it may help someone!"

Are all fairies the same?

No each fairy is different. Just like us they all have their own special characteristics that make them unique. They all write differently too. Some are cheeky, some love music, others are sporty and some like flowers. And some have extra special jobs. We have all heard of the tooth fairy who collects teeth but there are many other jobs for fairies.

Why don’t fairies visit humans in our homes at night or write us letters?

Fairies are very busy little things and they live between our world and fairyland. They need time to rest and to go and visit their other fairy friends along the Oso Creek Trail. Also it is hard work for a tiny fairy to write letters to each other, read books, listen to cricket symphonies at night and enjoy s’mores by the bonfire with friends. 

What is fairy dust?

Fairy dust is very very special and magical. It is made by fairies along the trail and they spend a lot of their time working hard to find the ingredients for fairy dust. It is very precious and is made from a number of secret ingredients. 

Do fairies talk?

Yes, fairies have their own special language that only they can understand. It is so high pitched it can’t be heard by human ears.  Sometimes the dogs can hear the fairies singing, because they able to hear most fairies.  If we could hear it would sound like lots of tiny bells tinkling!

Can fairies understand humans?

Yes, fairies are very clever and can understand anything we say, and in any language!! They love nothing better than listening to children as they play and laughing at their jokes and how much fun they have.

What kind of gift would a fairy like if I leave something by their door?

Fairies particularly love a gift made by you. It could be anything at all but they especially like it when their human draws pictures for them. Whatever drawing you might leave for your fairy, they will absolutely love it.  They also like small shiny rocks, a button, natural items from the canyon and other small trinkets.  

If I wanted to write a letter to a fairy on the trail, what should I write about, and how can I give it to them? 

You can tell the fairies about yourself, about your day or about something you are excited or worried about. The fairies all love to read all of your news no matter what it is about because you wrote it just for them.  It is best to leave your letter for them at the Fairy Mailbox located at the Potocki Center for the Arts, or you can leave the letter by their door.  In most cases ,your fairy will find it when they wake up at night if the squirrels don’t take before they wake up. Alternatively, you can send an email directly to Fairy Mail and we will send it on to your fairy.

What jobs do fairies do on the trail?

Where to start?! Fairies blow away bad dreams, take care of sick or hurt insects, collect teeth, write notes, take worries away, grant wishes, watch dreams at night to learn more about their humans, collect food and train Greenwings (trainee fairies). These are just a few of the jobs they do. They also bring good luck and happiness where ever they go!

Do fairies along the trail have pets?

Yes we believe they do, but not like our pets. We have dogs, cats, birds and fish whereas fairies have caterpillars, ladybirds and other small insects. Fairies are very caring towards all wildlife and take care of all living things. They are especially fond of spiders and ants and find that they make really great roommates.

When do fairies sleep?

House fairies work on a different clock to humans and this is to protect their magic. It would be too risky for a fairy to work during the day as they would be seen by humans and lose a bit of their magic each time so they work while we sleep at night. In the morning time, when we humans are waking, our little winged friends are just climbing into bed after their night’s work. Remember to use your quiet voice during the day while walking along the trail, as the fairies are sleeping!

What are some fun things that fairies like to do during the nighttime?

Fairies have a variety of fun activities to do on the Oso Creek Trail including, braiding the hair of mermaids, sharing secrets with dragonflies, letting lady bugs dance on their hair, flying with birds, riding unicorns, making mud-pies, catching glowworms, touching moonbeams, and wishing upon stars in the sky.  

What do fairies eat on the trail?

Fairies love to eat healthy food as it helps them to grow strong wings.  Their favorites are carrots, cheese, apples, bananas and as a special treat they have ice cream, chocolate chip cookie, a cheerio and a raisin.

What do the fairies do while I am in school?

Fairies sleep all day in their nice quiet house while you are at school so they are ready for night time and all the work and play they do like blowing away bad dream breezes, collecting teeth, decorating their homes, dancing with each other, reading, taking grasshopper rides, and writing letters.

How can you tell if a fairy is nearby?

If a fairy is nearby you during the daytime, you can often hear soft, chiming bells, or can hear mysterious giggling and laughing.  If you look around, you might even see patches of 4-leaf clovers.

Do fairies ever get sad?

Yes, fairies do get sad sometimes, especially when their human friend is sad or feeling worried. They can help you though: if you are feeling worried or sad about something, why not tell your fairy? Telling someone when you are feeling bad always makes you feel better.

Why don’t the fairy doors on the trail open?

You can’t open your fairy’s door as the lock is enchanted with fairy magic. Of course your fairy will have the key, but even if you had the key, you would not be able to unlock the door. The lock can only be opened by a real fairy.

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