Exploring the Fairy Trail 

FREE MAPS of the Fairy Flight Path can be picked up at the Visitor’s Center or at the Potocki Center for the Arts.  The maps are free, but we request that you provide a small donation when you take a map, to help support the Caring Fairies.

Alternatively you can print at home the Fairy Trail Map  The fairy trail features many new homes and buildings that were not on the Aliso Summit trail.  View pictures of some of the new fairy doors and buildings in the picture gallery below.  

FAQs About the Oso Creek Trail:

The Oso Creek Trail is located in Mission Viejo, California.  This beautiful creek naturally flows from north of the Santa Ana Mountains and eventually joins Trabuco Creek in flowing to the Pacific Ocean. The Oso Creek Trail contains 5.5 miles of trails, and the word Oso means BEAR in Spanish. Many beautiful mosaic and metal bears are located throughout the parkland.  

The Oso Creek Trail started in April 1997 as a community collaboration where volunteers gathered in late spring to celebration the Earth and the arts of Mission Viejo.  The goal of the community efforts is to produce a long-term benefit for many future generations to enjoy.  The trail has been developed with numerous amenities and features that serve to educate and honor the community.  These features include the Peace Obelisk to honor the victims of 9/11, the mosaic history walls in the Character Garden, the vibrantly painted butterflies, the Celebration Garden, the Wave Wall on the Upper Oso Creek Trail, and the community murals surrounding the Village Green.  

Below is a photo gallery of several of the fairy doors and gathering spots along the Oso Creek Trail.  New fairy homes are arriving throughout the summer so keep checking back.  Each of the Caring Fairies represent a virtue that they cherish in their fairy community, as do their human friends.  Check below to see which virtues they are!  

 We will provide updates on this website with new arriving fairies, so please check back soon!  Click on any to enlarge your view.

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